About us

We are here to change marketing industry.

Take a look at the story of the ultimate AI tool that generates social media posts, ads and sales emails and LinkedIN outreaches.

Our Team

We're small, self-funded team and fully remote team, delivered large-scale software and design projects in multiple companies and high-growth environments like Unilever, Stack Overflow, Amadeus. Also, we have 10 years of marketing experience across advertisement agencies, publishers, social media agencies, AdTech companies and departments.

Berk Capar
Atahan Tuncer
Technical Co-founder
Ege Capar

Our mission

Marketing has changed a lot. Remember sitting front of TV and watching all those conventional ads? Then, internet weights in and disrupted the industry by introducing digital marketing. And now, we reached a new milestone, Generative AI is taking over all manual works from marketers, and give them back their time to be creative. StuntAI is here, ready to be pioneer of this change, by providing world-class experience, and knowledge.

Our Values

Customer first mindset

We're constantly prioritizing what our users want from us. We meet them regularly to understand their pain points and build features accordingly.

Support in whole flow

We're providing tools for what a company can need for sales & marketing. They can find new clients with AI generated sales emails, promote themselves with AI generated social media posts and ads.

We are all learning

Generative AI is new technology, so do we! We're learning through the journey and making our product better every single day! Your feedback is our top priority, always!

Authentic creations

You created some social media posts with AI, but it still soundS like that's generetEd by robots? We're here to change this and help you to create authentic content with AI.

World Class Experience

While we're believing move fast and break things mentality, we don't want a broken experience for our customers. Our detail-oriented approach aims to boost your sales and marketing content creation with AI. 

Making high-tech accesible

We're aiming to convert high-tech AI technology, easy-to-use, affordable and result-guaranteed user experience.

Come work with us

We're actively looking for talents who can help with us.
Email to contact@stuntai.com with short explanation on how can you help and we will get back.